A Journal Of Primal Anarchy

Wild resistance

A Journal of

Primal Anarchy

Advocating for the wild since 2014.

Founded in 2014, Wild Resistance started its life as Black and Green Review. The original idea was a newsprint magazine, but it quickly grew into a full on journal before the first issue was even printed. Slowly moving from a biannual publication for the first four issues to an annual one by the fifth.

The goal, however, has always been the same: engaging critical and thorough discussion about civilization, domestication, and their impacts upon the world. It has never been the kind of journal that gets dated, but we have actively sought to build upon our discussions and continually widen the circles of inclusion and involvement. Civilization aims to tame and destroy everything, so everything becomes our primary subject.

Wild Resistance is unapologetically driven by what we call primal anarchy: that is the innate egalitarianism and ecological-inclusion that is rooted within all of us through millions of years of evolution as nomadic societies. We seek to re-wild our selves and our communities, both human and non-human. We are accomplices to those fighting civilization on its unending frontiers. We fight for decolonization and resist all continued intrusions of civilization.

We have seen the world we want to live in and we are fighting for it.




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Civilizations do not die of old age, they die of complications of old age.
— Lewis Mumford


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